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Erotic Phone SexHello!

It’s that time of year again – one of my favorites times of the year is Halloween. I’ve always loved to get dressed up, be spooky, do haunted houses, go ghost hunting, and all kinds of other fun stuff. Is there something special you like to do for Halloween?

Last year I did the first annual murder mystery on the radio and in the chat room and I thought I would do it again this year but it doesn’t seem to be generating much interest so if you’re interested then you have to let me know because I’m not going to put it all together if it’s not fun for everybody. So let me know

On another note have you masturbated this week? If you’ve masturbated this week please do give the details of where, when, and where you by yourself? There’s something sexy about watching another person masturbating and I totally get off on it and I also love teasing you by masturbating in front of you and not letting you touch anything. I am quite the tease aren’t I?

Let me know if you want a murder mystery and let me know if you want me back on the radio I might be able to pull a few strings – do you miss me?

Yes, I am THE phone sex SEDUCTRESS!

The Original Teasing Temptress

Such a webtease!