Halloween Blog Train Tower of Terror

Backstory: Your car mysteriously broke down in the middle of the night. Luckily you were just a block away from our hotel – our Spooky Hotel – and we have a room just for you. After checking in with the night manager ::ME:: I decide to give you the deluxe treatment for our VIP guests.

Welcome to the hotel! I do hope you enjoy your stay. Please come right this way to the elevator and I will ride up with you to show you your room. Tonight you are staying in a tower room so we’ll take the tower elevator up but I need to stop on the way to check something out.

The elevator stops on the 13th floor and the door opens. I press the button to keep the door open so it doesn’t move while you’re waiting for me to come back. While I’m gone you are dreaming about doing some very naughty things to me like bending me over once we get into the room and lifting up my little skirt and just inserting your hard cock inside of me and fucking me ridiculously. (little do you know that I might be having the same dream) Approximately 10 or so minutes later you hear my heels walking towards the elevator and you get excited and a little embarrassed because your cock is still very hard in your pants.

Before you know it I’m standing in the doorway of the elevator but I’m wearing a completely different outfit. I’m now wearing a bustier with thigh high boots and a big black leather strap-on. You gasp as I walk into the elevator and you start shaking your head no because this is completely different than what you were thinking. You hear more footsteps coming down the hall and then you see two very large men standing in the hallway right outside of the elevator door. I can only imagine the thoughts that are going through your head right now because your face is panic-stricken.

I start to giggle that naughty naughty giggle and I proceed to tell you that you can drop your pants or my two friends can help you it’s your choice. You hesitate and then unbuckle your pants thinking this must be a nightmare I mean what kind of hotel is this, is this a modern-day Tower of Terror? As your pants are hanging around your ankles I come closer to you and turn you around then I push you forward so your hands are against the side of the glass on the elevator. You are aroused and terrified at the same time as I’m sliding my cock up and down the crack of your ass just about to penetrate you I tell you that we are going to have quite the time over the next few days while your car is being worked on as I’m sliding my cock into you.

You can only imagine how the rest of the evening went in the Tower of Terror and then in your room. Welcome to the hotel I do hope you enjoy your stay!

Read on tomorrow with Mistress Delia and the Halloween Party