Missing Your Goddess

Goddess HannahDo you miss me? I know you do because I read all the emails that I receive from you asking me when I will be taking calls because you need to hear me, you need me to control you, you need to stroke for me. Well, your wishes have come true because I will be back on a regular basis for the time being.

Since the holidays I have been a very busy Goddess, working on and cooking up lots of goodies for you plus I did do some traveling out to see my cousin in the LA area. It’s been adventurous and fun plus it’s kept me quite busy.

If at some point you sent me a gift for my birthday or Valentine’s Day and you did not hear from me then I would like to say thank you for the presents. I received a few things that I did not know who they were from nor did I hear from you asking if I received it so if you were one of my secret admirers then you get a sweet kiss.

One of the things that I worked on and put together is our new Perks program. If you have not signed up yet, please do so because you will accumulate points not only on your calls but also on your audios. I do quite a few custom erotic audios for a lot of you, but you don’t do any calls, and we would hate for you to miss out on all the points. Once you’ve signed up for the rewards program and you purchase an audio just let me know that you are signed up so I can credit your account.

Keep your eye out for more goodies and surprises plus ME!

Yes, I am THE phone sex SEDUCTRESS!

The Original Teasing Temptress

Such a webtease!


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