I am looking to update my site testimonials and would appreciate it if you would email me (hannah@enchantrixempire.com) a rave review (of course only if you have spoken to me) so that I can put it up on the front page.

It doesn’t have to be book-length LOL, and I will use your first name last initial unless there is something else you would like me to put up there like a nickname of some sort maybe panty freak or cocksucker or sissy sluts or I can keep going if you want lol.

(Oh and yes I know the word is not spelled like that, but I know you’re always moaning when you’re talking to me, so it just seemed right.)

Also, don’t forget that I am going to be doing calls more often and after doing a call with me, or anybody else, you can go to rate my call to be entered to win a free call. There is one winner a month, and you must make sure you provide an email address in case you went so you can be contacted because you wouldn’t want to miss out on something free, would you?

Talk to you soon XO

Yes, I am THE phone sex SEDUCTRESS!

The Original Teasing Temptress

Such a webtease!