Who wants to masturbate for me?

Who wants to masturbate for me? Do you really? I mean I guess I can ask you how badly do you need to masturbate for me?

Well, you are in luck! I posted some new instructions on  May I Cum, so that means you are in for a treat. Now before you go over there, you can get yourself ready by grabbing some lube or lotion and getting naked.

I want you to gaze at my picture while you’re stroking for me and think of what it might be like if I was right in front of you while you are doing it or maybe you shouldn’t think of that because you might just explode before I said you could do anything LOL

Anyways, have fun and let me know how it went for you. Keep your eyes open for more instructional posts like that from me.

I am putting together a monthly subscription with different levels, and it will be very amazing plus I’m having lots of fun with it. When it’s ready to launch I will let you know.

Yes, I am THE phone sex SEDUCTRESS!

The Original Teasing Temptress

Such a webtease!



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